EFL 33: AC Hipot Tester for Electrical Appliances New 2024


EFL 33: Hipot for Electrical Appliances Test

This equipment is used for the tests of the basic parameters of electrical safety in the end of lines of producing plants of household-electric, electronic equipment, lights, machines tools, etc of high volume.

The EFL 33 make test of: Ground Bond Tests, Dielectric Strenght CI & CII, and Consumed power (Functional Run Test).

Make this test

  • check_circle Ground Bond Tests: >= 20 Aac / < 12 Vac.
  • check_circle Dielectric Strenght
    • done Class I: 1000 Vac.
    • done Class II: 2500 Vac.
  • check_circle Run functionality test (Watt Meter up to 2200w).
First equipment with 5" touch screen color panel, development and manufactures entirely on ARGENTINA

Equipment developed and manufactured in ARGENTINA, to test Class I appliances (appliances) and Class II appliances (appliances).

The EFL 33 equipment includes power measurement and validates it with the minimum and maximum values configured on the equipment.

In addition, it can be configured to put the product under test into operation or not.

What can be configured on the device? :

  • navigate_next Operating time of the "Apparatus Under Tests".
  • navigate_next Minimum allowable power (w).
  • navigate_next Maximum allowable power (w).

The system of acquisition and control of data, is based on a microcontroller of last generation mounted on a electronic board development for SECOM: selection, filtrate, processing and measurement of signals.

An auditory and visual signal, allows the pursuit of operation of the equipment as also the alert before a test does not conform.

As much the equipment as this platform was designed for a simple and dynamic handling .

The equipment is given with its Report of calibrations drawn up to national patterns (of optional way) and a user manual for its use.

What does the equipment include? :

  • navigate_next Carga patrón CCP 02 The Daily Checker. To ensure you that your AC Hipot Tester EFL 33 works properly.
  • navigate_next User Manual.
  • navigate_next Test wires.
  • navigate_next Power supply wire.
  • navigate_next Calibration report.

The AC Hipot Tester EFL 33 includes EVERYTHING you need for daily work. You only need to connect to 220Vac

Aditional Information:

  • clear DOES NOT save records of the tests performed.
  • clear DOES NOT save records of the calibrations performed.
  • clear DOES NOT have connections to PC.
  • clear DOES NOT have connections to printers.
  • clear You CANNOT connect a barcode reader.

The components used in the design guarantee an excellent quality of work.

Models Comparison :

Short circuit -- -- --
Ground Bond Test (>= 20Aac / < 12Vac)
Dielectric Strength Class I (1000Vac)
Consumed Current Measurement
Dielectric Strength Class II (2500Vac) -- -- --
Insulation Resistance (500Vcc) -- -- -- -- --
Watt Meter -- --
Keeps Test Mades -- -- --
Print Labels -- -- --
Can use Barcode Scanner -- -- --
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Power Supply
220Vca, 50 Hz, 10A, Single-phase
arrow_right_alt 5" Touch screen color panel..
arrow_right_alt OK and FAULT light.
arrow_right_alt Sonoro.
Totally controlled by microprocessor.
To Test
arrow_right_alt Equipment Class I (max. 10A).
arrow_right_alt Equipment Class II (max. 10A).
arrow_right_alt 400mm x 350mm x 175mm (h).
arrow_right_alt Weight: 22 Kg.
arrow_right_alt Plug Test + Clamp Test.
arrow_right_alt CCP 02 Test Verification Box (include).
12 months.
According to
IEC 60335-1 Annex A.

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