EFI 01: Glow Wire Tester

Designed and manufactured to perform the test specified in the norm IEC 60695-2-10 – Fire hazard testing. Part 2: Test methods – Glow-wire test and guidance (...)

EEE 01: Tracking Index Tester

Designed and manufactured according to the norm IEC 60112 ("Method for determining the comparative and the proof tracking index of solid insulating materials under moist conditions") (...)

ECP 01: Electronic Cycler Programmable

Equipment designed and developed for cycling apparatus, appliances, power tools, etc (...)

ECE 05: Test Chamber 0,5 m3

Test Chamber 0,5 m3 (IEC 60695-2-10 / Clause 5.4) for Glow Wire and Bunsen Burner / Needle Flame Tester (...)

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